Characteristics of Islam

1.       The first characteristics of Islam are that it is a religion of monotheism. Belief in the existence of one creator for the universe is a fact that would persuade any thinking mind. This creator is the Only God worthy of worship. Hence the acts of devotion such as blood sacrifice, votive offering and supplication-especially the latter because should be alone for Allah:

“Supplication is the worship” (tirmidhi)

2.       Islam unifies all the previous religions, and does not separate them. It believes in all the Messengers sent by Allah to guide mankind, the last of whom was Muhammad (pbuh). He came with a religion that superseded the past religions. He was sent by Allah to the whole humanity to save them from deviations in their religions ang guide them to the right path of Islam.

3.       The teachings of Islam are simply explicit and easy to understand. Islam is against superstitions, misbeliefs and complex philosophies. It is valid for application at all times and in all places.

4.       Islam does not separate completely the materialistic and the spiritual aspects of life. It sees life as a single whole comprising both the aspects. It does not lay stress on one side at the expense of the other.

5.       Islam stresses the spirit of equity and brotherhood between Muslims. It does not accept discrimination, regional or racial:

“Verily the most honourable of you with Allah are the most pious of you” (49:13)

6.       The sixth characteristics in Islam are that there is no clergy or religious monopoly. Islam does not involve abstract ideas that are hard to believe. It is easy for everyone to read and understand the Noble Quran and the Hadith (Traditions of the Prophet (pbuh), and to adjust his life accordingly.

Source: Islamic guidelines for individual and social reform by Muhammad bin Jamil Zino

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