Childhood of the Prophet (SAW)

Childhood of the Prophet (SAW)

This is about the childhood of Rasoollulah (SAW) who was cared and suckled by Thuwaybah for 7 days who was a freed slave of Aboo-Lahab.

The story is about the childhood of Rasoollulah (SAW) and says that he was cared for and suckled for 7 days by Thuwaybah, the freed slave of Aboo-Lahab.

Sayyidina Hamza was also suckled by Thuwaybah so he became Rasoollulah (SAW) foster brother. Sayyidina Abdul Muttaalib was so overjoyed with the birth of his grandson that he offered Aqeeqah. On the 8th day after his birth Rasoollulah (SAW) was given in the care of Sayyiditina Haleema, a lady of Banoos’aad tribe. Haleema found that since Rasoollulah (SAW) had joined the family there was barakah. After every six months Sayyiditina  Haleema brought Rasoollulah (SAW) back to Makkah to his mother Sayyiditina Amina and to his grandfather Abdul Muttaalib. Sayyiditina Haleema’s children reported to her that one day two people, dressed in white had taken Rasoollulah (SAW) away.

When she found him, he was pale and weak. He explained that the two people split open his chest and took out something from his heart. On inspecting his body, she found no signs of injury and brought Rasoollulah (SAW) back to his loving mother. When Rasoollulah (SAW) was six years old, Amina took him to her people in Yathrib. On the return journey, she took ill and passed away at Abwa. Abdul Muttaalib then took care of Rasoollulah (SAW) for two years. When Rasoollulah (SAW) was eight years old, Abdul Muttaalib also passed away.

The moral of the story is that you should respect your parents because they cared for you when you were younger. These results in your parents making du’aa for you, then inshallah you will go to Jannah.


“Aqeeqa” this tradition of the Aqeeqa was common among the Arabs since they believed that with this sacrifice, all the evil and other omens would be kept away from the person in whose name the Aqeeqa is offered.

“Barakah” is a blessing.



Fill in the blanks with the correct answers:

1.1= as a baby Rasoollulah (SAW) was suckled by_________ for seven days.

1.2= Sayyidina Hamza became the _________brother of Rasoollulah (SAW).

1.3= After seven days Rasoollulah’s (SAW) birth Abdul Muttaalib made an ________.

1.4= Sayyidina Haleema belonged to the tribe of_________.

1.5= The language of the people of the countryside was considered superior to that of the _______ city.

Three facts on:

2.1: Sayyiditina Haleema – A very fortunate woman


2.2: Care of children in Arabia




Bazahir was the editor.

Introduction was written by Tawqir.

The main story was written by Jahangeer.

The conclusion was written by Ayuub.

Keywords idea was from Tawqir.

The information was provided by a book called “History made easy” Tas-Heelut Taa-Reekh book 5 lesson 3.

We learnt this information from the class of Mufti Kamil Sheikh on Eton Road in Ilford.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and gained a lot of knowledge.

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