Islamic matchmaking

What is the correct concept of Islamic matchmaking?

Islamic matchmakingMatchmaking can be defined as mediation which takes place to bring about a marriage between two individuals. Matchmaking can also be defined as the process of creating a couple for marriage. Matchmaking is mostly used to pair individuals up for a type of marriage which is known as “Arranged Marriage”. An arranged marriage is a marriage where the two people who get married do not usually fall in love with each other before the marriage and is a marriage where the two individuals are united through the guidance of their elders. Matchmaking is mostly done by an individual’s elders. In addition, as of the current era, there are companies and organization which provide both online and offline matchmaking services.

Is the concept of Islamic matchmaking any different from the concept of normal matchmaking?

Yes, the concept of normal match-making is quite different as compared to the concept of Islamic matchmaking. How is that so? Well, Islamic matchmaking is a concept which is in accordance to all of the Islamic rules regarding matchmaking and the unification of two individuals. On the other hand, most of the other types of matchmaking are not completely in accordance with the Islamic laws regarding matchmaking and marriage. Islamic matchmaking is concept which has been designed specifically for Muslims and has been designed specifically to help two individual Muslims of the opposite gender get married the way their religion instructs them to.

What is the correct concept of Islamic matchmaking?

The following are a few points which basically summarize the correct concept of Islamic matchmaking:

  • The matchmaking process is conducted by a few people who are responsible and trustworthy. In Islamic matchmaking, there are now restrictions as to who these people might be. An individual can ask either their elders or a matchmaking company or organization to conduct the matchmaking process. Contrary to common belief, utilization of individuals or companies who provide matchmaking services is allowed in the concept of Islamic matchmaking.
  • The boy and the girl are at liberty to speak with each other regarding their marriage and are also at liberty to deny the marriage proposal. In Islamic matchmaking, what matters is the opinion of the boy and the girl who are to be married. If the two do not want to get married to each other, their families must accept their decisions. In addition, contrary to common belief, both the boy and the girl have equal rights when it comes to accepting or denying a marriage proposal.
  • The individual for whom the matchmaking process is being conducted is to be asked as to what type of life partner they desire. Contrary to common belief, the individual’s parents are not the only people whose opinion counts. The individual, whether male or female, gets a say in deciding what kind of person they want to marry.
  • The terms of the marriage are decided in accordance to Islamic laws. The concept of Islamic matchmaking clearly states that the terms of the marriage are to be decided in accordance with all of the Islamic laws regarding marriage. In Islam, dowry is something which is highly despised of, which is the reason why the Islamic laws regarding marriage state that there should be no exchange of dowry in marriages between two Muslim individuals.

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