Drinking – Hadeeth Level 1 – Lesson 3

As humans as well as Muslims we all have to drink to survive. In Islam, as it is a complete religion, there are certain ways we should drink. There are also drinks that are prohibited and not prohibited.

The Prophet Muhammed (SAW) has taught us how to drink in a correct manner. We should always sit down and drink. Only in a difficulty to sit down then it is permissible to stand up and drink. It is also scientifically proven that it is healthier to drink whilst sitting. Also it is recommended by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to drink in three sips. In Islamic terms this is known as a Sunnah action.

As mentioned earlier we are not allowed to drink certain fluids. I.e. alcohol. It is completely forbidden in Islam! As well as being Haraam (Islamic term forbidden) it is proven that drinking alcohol is bad for the body and damages important organs.

On the other hand Islam does permit other non-alcoholic drinks. Our Rusool (SAW) used to drink milk frequently and following he recited the following dua:

This dua was read after drinking milk and the Prophet (SAW) made it a Sunnah action. It is also Sunnah to read the following after drinking water:

Basic step-by-step Guide:

1. Make a clean intention

2. Watch out for alcohol.

3. Before you drink find a place to sit down.

4. Read Bismillah before you start.

5. Drink in a humble manner.

6. Finish your drink in 3 sips.

7. Read the dua when finishing.

May Allah give us the ability to drink according to Sunnah. Ameen

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