Eating – Hadeeth Level 1 – Lesson 2

Eating – Hadeeth Level 1 – Lesson 2

The Prophet (S) states,

“Eat with your right hand and say Bismillah”

Humans  and animals both have a common need to eat. However what makes us different from animals is our behavior and manners while eating. Our beloved Prophet (S) taught how to eat and what etiquette to use whilst eating.

The etiquette of eating are the following:

  • Say Bismillah (Everything you do you must say Bismilallah)
  • Eat with your right hand
  • Sit down on the floor and eat
  • Wash your hands before eating
  • Help serve the food
  • Lay the plates
  • Ensure everyone has sufficient food to eat
  • Share and eat on the same plate
  • Do not lean over to take food from in front of someone
  • Do not stare at food
  • Let the elder person begin
  • Say Bismillah loud so you remind everyone else
  • Be kind and courteous
  • Remember Allah throughout by saying Alhamdulillah, subhanallah


Remember, the more we act upon the sunnah the more reward we get. We have to eat anyway, so why not eat the Prophetic way and gain rewards for doing the same action but with the intention of acting upon the sunnah and with a few additional etiquette.


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