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Why enemies of Islam are growing in number day by day?

enemies of IslamEver since the message of Islam was conveyed to the people of Makkah by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) after he experienced several revelations and came to know that he was a prophet, there have been a large number of enemies who oppose Islam and not only refuse to embrace it but also disrespect it in many ways. At the time of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Islam’s enemies waged war against the Muslims and since, at the time, they were more in number as compared to Muslims, persecuted the Muslims in ways that are unimaginably inhuman and harsh.

Ever since the Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s time, the enemies of Islam have disrespect the religion and have brought nothing but dismay upon Muslims. As of now, we live in a fairly stable economic and governmental world where Islam’s enemies cannot hurt Muslims directly since they are not only bound by the law but are also quite less in number. Not all non-Muslims are Islam’s enemies. In fact, there are a number of Muslims who pretend to be Muslims but in reality are Islam’s enemies. However, the number of Islam’s enemies in existence is increasing day by day and their population is continuously growing.

What do enemies of Islam do?

The growing population of the enemies of Islam can be quite a problem for Muslims and the reason why that is so is because if Islam’s enemies substantially increase in number, actually wars and battles will begin. The battles and wars between Islam’s enemies and Muslims that the world is experiencing right now is nothing compared to the wars and battles that will be fought if the number of Islam’s enemies in existence increase a lot. In addition, Islam’s enemies are capable of various other harsh actions since most of Islam’s enemies are cold hearted dangerous.

Why are Islam’s enemies growing in number day by day?

Well, there are many reasons why the enemies of Islam are growing in number day by day. First of all, the most logical explanation for the growth in the population of Islam’s enemies is simple reproduction. The whole world’s population is growing day in and day out, and since Islam’s enemies are part of this world too, their population is also increasing.

Secondly, another reason for the growth in the population of Islam’s enemies could be that the Day of Judgment is near. Islam’s enemies are thought to be the followers of Satan and when he wakes up, are believed to follow him in the war against Islam and Muslims. The more their population, the more chances they will have of winning against Islam. Islam’s enemies might intentionally be increasing their population so that they can help Satan win the war when he wakes up.

In addition, another reason why the enemies of Islam might be intentionally increasing their population might be because they plan on waging war against Islam by themselves. If that is their plan, they will need a large number of people who will assist them in the war against Islam, thus the increase in their population.

Why do you think Islam’s enemies are growing day by day?

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