how to avoid negative thoughts

Get rid of negative thoughts in 20 minutes

how to avoid negative thoughtsIf you don’t have anything to do, it means you are inviting negative thoughts. Right? This is curable. Just get busy in some work and they will flee away. This is a practical approach. Obviously in the state of idleness you would just think and think. After sometime all your positive thoughts end and you start thinking negatively. It is quite fascinating to think bad because shatan (evil) puts lot of attraction in it. You get trapped in its tactic and keep thinking destructively.

What are negative thoughts?

These are your thoughts that reflect your frustration. It may be about yours:

  • Failure to achieve anything in your life
  • Jealousy for someone’s success
  • Sense of insecurity about you and your future
  • Fear of unknown because of your inner weakness
  • You misconception about luck
  • Your impatience to achieve success early

There may be several other reasons that drag you into the abyss of dismal thinking. Usually these sentences come into your mind:

  • I am very unlucky
  • Whatever I start I fail
  • Why I am lesser than others
  • How hapless I am
  • No one take care of mine
  • People always laugh over me
  • Everybody is bad in this world
  • And many more like the above sentences

What do you do in frustration?

Whenever you get frustrated because of the persistent negative thoughts you:

  • Stop doing struggle
  • Leave a work incomplete
  • Always fear to start a new work
  • Keep crushing good ideas
  • Avoid starting afresh
  • Start several works together
  • Remain annoyed
  • Lose your temper on trivial
  • Avoid meeting people

Here are 5 questions you must ask yourself to avoid negative thoughts

Whenever you think negatively just ask these five questions;

  • Am I thinking right?
  • Am I the only unlucky person in this world?
  • How many are more unlucky than me?
  • Who is fairly responsible for my failure?
  • Is my latest failure is end of this world?

How to answer these questions?

Never let another negative thought go without replying to these five questions. If you don’t control your negative thinking it is likely you answer the above five question as following;

  • I always think right
  • Why should I care about others
  • I am not here to count unlucky persons
  • Obviously the whole world is responsible for my failure
  • I don’t want to soothe my anxiety by such stupid questions

So before negativity gets into you, reply to the above 5 questions then decide and explore their answers. In this way you would find answers of the above questions.

  • I am getting so emotional, that is why I am thinking in this way
  • No one shouts over his bad luck and many are suffering in this world
  • Whoever don’t follow the positive mindset remains unlucky forever
  • Real cause of my failure is my negative thinking
  • This is not the end of world

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