Akhlaaq Level 1-Lesson 5 Give and Take










Giving gifts that are useful and beneficial to others is a nice way of showing your appreciation to someone. In Islam when you give someone a gift of any nature it is recommended to give it with the right hand, you should

y.also take a gift with the same hand. This is because it is disliked to give and take with the left as we should use our left hand for something like istinjaa. If someone gives you a present that yo

u don’t like, you should still be grateful and show your appreciation. The reason for this is that the person (who gave the gift) might get o

There is a saying that, “it is better to give than to receive.” This is true. It is not good to be stingy, because when you are in need one day, then no one will be helpful to you due to the fact of you being ungenerous previousl
 When you receive something, show gratefulness. Do not show anger if it was something you disliked. Like mentioned above, this action is extremely rude and disrespectful. Show love and consideration if someone younger than you gives you a present. Be bountiful when it comes to giving Zakaat. Zakaat is one main pillar of Isam, so if you donate freehandedly reward will be given from Allah. Do not be too self serving to yourself as it would lead to getting sin by not caring for anyone else.  ffended if you do not do so. Allah says for us to be grateful many a times in the Qur’aan, because the more grateful you are the more Allah shall give. Make sure that the person who handed you the gift knows that you are pleased. This will automatically make them happy.


Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Make a clean intention.
  2. Try to give gifts generously. Out of your heart not just because I said so!
  3. If you get a gift be grateful!
  4. Remember to give and receive with your right hand.
  5. Make dua!

May Allah give us the ability to Give and Take accordingly. Ameen.

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