The Islamic Weekend Curriculum revolves around each student, we prioritise stage over age. Teachers are trained how to plans lessons for all students individually. The curriculum will cover various scienes of Islam including:

Quranic Studies covering various topics of day to day life

Aqeeda (Beliefs)

Hifz (memorisation) of parts of the Quran (Our future aim is to target students to become Hafiz of the full Quran. Insha Allah)

Seerah (History) of the Prophets

Arabic language (reading and writing)

Duas (supplication)


It may seem a lot for a 4+ years old, however we use mixed methods and cross curricular techniques to ensure the children are receiving teachings from all the sciences. We use many Islamic curriculum books to achieve this; we identify the need of the child and prepare the work accordingly.

The children are given targets and are motivated and encouraged to reach those targets. If the child does not, we revise the method of teaching until the teacher, parent and student is happy that they have reached their target.

As a framework for the curriculum we base our lessons on three subjects:

Qaida/Quran (depending on the level), in this subject we cover four topics:

Reading: this is where the child learns how to read the Qaida/Quran properly, as we do not move them forward to the next lesson if they do not know the previous properly.

Writing: this is where the child reads and also writes whatever he reads. This provides the child with the skills to read and write Arabic fluently. This is supplemented by many various activity and work sheets.

Tajweed: this is where the child begins to understand and learn the rules and ways of reciting the Quran the way it should be. This is supplemented by activity sheets, work sheets and visual aid

Vocabulary: Whilst the child is learning the Qaida/Quran keywords are identify and each student is targeted to learn main keywords, so that they may begin to understand what they read.

Islamic Studies: Islamic studies curriculum is based on a combination of a few books which covers a wide range of topics from oneness of Allah to social etiquettes. The lessons are planned individually and suited according to the levels. We will be uploading the curriculum shortly. Insha Allah

Arts and Crafts: This subject has an aim to bring the creative side of the children to life. The lessons learnt from Qaida/Quran and Islamic Studies are brainstormed to think of creative practical ideas. For example: the 5 pillars of Islam, the arts and crafts lesson would be to make a musalla (prayer mat), or Kaba, or make a full moon etc… This gives the opportunity to the students to really make what they have learnt; this encourages creativity, thought, concept building and craftsman ship. From the research we conducted in one of the schools this proves to enhance learning experience rapidly.

The Islamic weekend curriculum, work sheets and all relevant resources will be uploaded in the near future. Insha Allah


5 year plan