tips to avoid watching obscenity

How to avoid watching obscenity in this age of free media?

tips to avoid watching obscenityNo doubt Islam is the most modern religion of the world. It fully gives you personal liberty within the limits set by Islamic teachings. It does not contradict with scientific development. Logically speaking it firmly believes that an instrument of progress is not good or bad by default. It is actually its usage that makes it either useful or harmful for the human beings. Therefore, instead of putting ban to use modern media it just put certain restrictions to make you avoid watching obscenity of smaller or bigger level on media.

Electronic media

Thanks to remote control we can switch over any vulgar channel without moving ourselves. But sometimes it gets necessary to listen to some important facts that are narrated by a lady wearing so short clothes on a news channel. In this way we have to control our sight and instead of watching her we simply should listen what she is saying about an important issue. There are several Arabic channels that offer good blend of entertainment without any obscenity and you can set them on your TV with any software like Smart TV. Similarly while listening to Radio you must know the frequencies on which open or obscene programs are broadcast. You should avoid them while searching your desired Radio station.

Internet media

For general surfing and browsing though the worst type of obscenity is not seen unless we write certain words in search engine window that have double meanings. But there is a way-out of obscenity for this issue. You just need to browse on internet any age filter and install it in your browser. After that no any obscene picture will display on your browser window.

Social Media

On social media especially on Facebook there is an option that your friend may also post on your wall anything he or she likes. You can deactivate that option in Setting section of your account in this way no one can use this option. Secondly you should make those people your friends who are your like-minded and specially those who you know well. In this way there will be least risk of watching obscenity of any type on your wall nor will you read any vulgar words in your inbox.

Print Media

Here you have several options to avoid watching obscenity. If you are in a western country you simply have to take out that segment from your newspaper that may have any vulgarity or nude photos. This is usually found on showbiz and sports pages. So before bringing the newspaper to your home from your newspaper box installed at the main door of your home throw the stuff from it into dustbin which you don’t want your family members should see.

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