being your day with a lot of blessings

How to begin your day with a lot of blessings?

being your day with a lot of blessingsGood beginning is half done. Therefore, start your every day to make it another successful day in your life. Here success means both religious and worldly. Being a Muslim we must not divide our life between our religion and this world. Islam means complete way of life covering both the aspects with full justice. It does not order you to leave the worldly affairs to win the blessings of Allah. Nor it allows you to engross in worldly affairs so much so to forget the Islamic teachings. It is a complete and balanced way of life that asks you to reap the blessings for this world and hereafter. That is why being a Muslim we must start our day with the objective of fulfilling our all types of religious and worldly obligations. Usually we have to do during our whole life:

  • Fulfill all compulsory religious obligations including 5-time prayers, fasting in Ramadan apart from paying Zakat once in a year if it is due on us and go to Mecca for offering Hajj at least once in our whole life if we can afford
  • Earn Halal income to meet the financial needs of ours and all our family members who are dependent on us
  • To interact with community and neighbors and to share their joys and sorrows as it is obligatory to fulfill rights of people
  • To spend time with family members and motivate and influence them with our behavior and character to follow every Islamic teaching by heart
  • To take care of ourselves including our health, appearance, mental peace and daily routine to remain a strong Muslim and do more for the spread of Islam

Start your day with the name of Allah

To achieve our above daily goals we have to start our morning with the holy name of Allah. Go to nearby mosque to offer fajr prayer and if you can rise little early without affecting your daily routine it is better to offer Tahajudd (midnight prayer but after taking a sleep) to reap the blessings of Allah without any limit. It is not compulsory but its returns are countless. After that read Holy Quran with its translation and explanation as much as you can retain your level of interest and may not be late in your other necessary obligations.

Make a daily plan

While getting ready to go for work make your daily plan with full justice for how much time to give your worldly affairs and how much time to influence and motivate others to follow Islamic teachings. Latter obligation is not compulsory but a little time daily can make you act on every Islamic teaching just to make yourself a symbol of Islamic way of life. In this way you would not only benefit yourself but also to all those who are associated with you.

Review your day

In the night, before going to bed, make your habit to review the schedule of your previous day and examine what and how much you did on that day to win the blessings of Allah for success in this world and hereafter. Also make resolve every night to spare more time for next day for your eternal success.

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