guide to deal with servants as Muslim

How to deal with servants as Muslim?

guide to deal with servants as MuslimIf Allah has blessed you to afford servants and make your life more convenient, you may enjoy this blessing. But your objective should be two-fold. First your aim should be to give a job to a jobless and second one to assign the menial chores to servant just to do some other important work to make your life here and hereafter better. Here are a few tips to deal with servants as Muslim.

Select them wisely

Don’t create a situation where you have to deal strictly with your servant. For this purpose select the one with all the skills you want in him. Not only that but fully examine how he is attitude-wise and how is his character. He must be truthful with his work at least so that you need not to verify his every work. It is rightly said instead of monitoring the work of your servant all the time, it is better to do his work by yourself. So select a servant that need no regular monitoring and you need not to worry about your menial type of work.

Take details of his whereabouts

This is more important in countries where social crimes are higher and police system is not stronger. In such situation one has to take care of dealing with matters by oneself. So before hiring a servant get a copy of identity card and give priority to one that has any reference. If feasible you may also physically check the residence of your would-be servant if you need to hire him for lengthy hours.

Observe Islamic guidelines

A servant is a stranger (namehram) for your family. Therefore never allow a male servant to freely move in the portion of your home where your female inmates stay mostly. If you need a servant purely for household work, give priority to a female candidate.

Keep a balance attitude

If your servant does his job dutifully then you are bound to behave with him so kindly. Yes it is your right to keep distance with him but you should make him feel he is not inferior to you in any way. Yes you must not mix up with him because you have your own family and that has different culture. You should not keep an attitude with your servant to let him be chummy with you nor should he have feeling of any inferiority while obeying your orders.

These are a few tips to deal with servants as Muslim. What do you think about it; please share your thoughts in comments section given below.

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