How to discourage wrongdoings in a society?

In Islam we are ordered by Allah to never remain silent if any evil act is going on around us. It is because we being super creature (ashraful makhlooqaat) in this world have to promote the virtue and stop the vice. For this purpose one hundred and twenty four thousands messengers of Allah were sent in this world to show the people the path of righteousness. With regard to evil we have clear instructions that:

  • We must stop wrongdoings around us by the use of force like with our hands
  • If it is not possible we must condemn it
  • Even if it is also not possible we should decry it in our heart, this is the weakest level of belief (Emaan)

Therefore, we should not avoid our responsibility to shun any kind of wrong practice. It may be:

  • An act that harms a human being, his property, feelings or reputation
  • An act that ignite division or hatred among people
  • An act that negatively affect the Islamic teachings
  • An action that usurp the rights of a human being

Stop the evil with hands

Islam has given us the liberty to decide our course of action against any evil act according to our limitations. If we are powerful enough we must stop such act with the use of force but without taking the law into our hands if the wrong act is an open violation of any law. In this case we have to make complain of the perpetrator of wrong act to the judicial or administrative authorities of our area.

Condemn it verbally

It also up to us we may simply condemn a wrongdoing if we cannot stop it with out our hands. Here condemn means just to ask the evil doer to stop doing sin and also let him know what punishment he has to face here and hereafter on his evil act. Our tone should not be prone to fighting and just firmly convey the teachings of Islam to the wrongdoer.

Decry it in the heart

The last stage is that we just think an evil act so bad in our heart and condemn it within ourselves. This we should do where Muslims are not in majority and no Muslim law works there. Especially in secular and liberal societies though human rights violation and any other types of legal violation are rare but personal liberty has no bound in such countries. If we watch any scene of vulgarity or indecency we just condemn such act in our heart and pray to Allah for our stay on the path of piousness.

This is the beauty of Islam that it provides various options in different courses of action. It shows how logical and rational religion it is. That is why its followers live in peace and harmony with the followers of other religions.

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