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How to find an ideal match for your son or daughter?

islamic matrimonialIslam is a logical religion. It does not ask us to spend our life like a hermit in complete isolation. It fully allows us to live in this world with all its formalities. It asks us to build our family and then grow it further. That is why there is much importance of institution of marriage in Islam. In our religion it is not simply a contract to live together. It is a complete system to live together where husband and wife have rights and responsibilities both. This is also religious duty of parents to select best spouse for their kid. For daughter and son both parents are asked to select the best possible match to make them live happily.

Consent of kids is equally important

It does not mean parents select the match for their kid by themselves. They must also get the consent of their children also. There is no discrimination between daughter and son while seeking their consent. If your daughter is not willing to marry with any boy you are bound to accept her wish and search for another. But daughters should fully trust their parents because whatever they decide for them is the best possible decision they can take for their offspring.

For daughter’s marriage, consent of guardian is must

However, in case of match-making of daughter the consent of parents especially of guardian is must. If parents do not allow their daughter to marry with any boy she is bound to obey their orders. Even if reason of disagreement of parents over the choice of daughter is not logical then too she does not have right to make the decision of her marriage by her own. But parents are also ordered not to unduly force their daughter not to marry with any boy if he does not have any objectionable character or way of living.

Seek proposal from relatives

The best way to select the match for your daughter or son is through your relatives. This is the beauty of joint family system that all relatives have full knowledge about the children of each other. That is why the best way of safe match-making is within the joint family comprising of both maternal and paternal relatives of your children.

From acquaintances

The second safe way to select an ideal life partner for your son or daughter is from acquaintances. Because of familiarity with each other there is no chance of any problem of compatibility or adjustment in such match-making. However, it is advisable to give due consideration to cultural and ethnic factors while taking any decision to make marriage of your son or daughter outside your joint family.

From Islamic matrimonial site

After the introduction of internet and matrimonial sites there is another source for the selection of an ideal spouse for your kids. There are several matrimonial sites for Muslim families where parents are asked to sign up for the suitable match of their son or daughter. But here also parents should take full care before taking final decision for the selection of life partner of their son or daughter.

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