tips to learn about Islam

How to keep learning all about Islam?

tips to learn about Islamneed to keep learning all about Islam to become a perfect Muslim and win the blessings of Allah. Our actions can never be strictly according to Islam unless we fully know about what it demands from us. For this purpose we need not to devote our entire time for Islamic learning. We should regularly spare a little time to learn it as much as possible and whatever we learn we should apply it on our daily life. In this way we will be following all the teachings of Islam and also those teachings that are not compulsory to follow but are desirable if we act upon them.

Don’t take it as duty

If we take it as our duty to keep learning all about Islam we will be devoid of passion while doing so. We need to develop interest in it. For this purpose learn those teachings first that are directly related to our life. These are:

  • All about compulsory religious obligations
  • Sunnah related to our daily life
  • About rights of people
  • About rights of Allah
  • About rights of self
  • About family life
  • About professional life

Discuss after study

If we simply keep learning all about Islam through books and websites we may not be able to retain all we learn. For this purpose we need to discuss whatever we learn with our family members, friends and other fellows. Our intention to do this should be to retain our knowledge and to share with others for their benefits also. We must not try to show how scholarly or knowledge lovers we are. Any pompous behavior will lead to a disaster and we will not be able to be a true Muslim.

Action must

The second effective tip to retain whatever we learn about Islam is to apply on our daily life. If we learn about how to behave with our elders our every act must reflect that we know about this. Secondly our ultimate purpose should also be to improve our deeds with the help of what we learnt about Islamic teachings. People will also note change in us if we keep learning all about Islam and show it through our deeds.

Never be bookish

Learning about Islamic history and philosophical issues regarding Islam is equally good but in first instance we should learn about the practical aspects of Islam. Our ultimate objective must be to become a practical Muslim. After this stage we may resort to theoretical aspect to strengthen our Islamic ideology.

Full use of online resources

Nowadays online resources are the best hub to teach us practical aspects of Islam. Most of the websites and blogs nicely cover topics that relate to our practical life. We can search such resources by writing top Islamic resources in Google search window. Moreover, if we keep visiting this blog we can have lot of tips and tricks to learn how to spend our life as an ideal Muslim. So never forget to keep visiting this blog and also share your views about its contents in comments section below.

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