how to adopt Islamic way of living

How to make your family adopt Islamic way of living?

how to adopt Islamic way of livingIt is not necessary that your family may also be practical Muslim like you. This is observed especially when you are not head of your family. In this way you have double task first to motivate them to be practical Muslim and meanwhile don’t let them know you are working on this task. For this purpose you have to first become a practical symbol of Islamic teachings. Your every act must reflect how good the religion of Islam is. We all know it is the best religion of the world and the easiest one also apart from being the only righteous one. Apparently it looks so ordering but actually it always brings us towards our own wellbeing here and here after.

The first task

If you are living in a joint family then you have to divide your family members into two groups to convince them fully adopt the Islamic way of living.

  • In group one you put all those who are elder than you and you have to just request them as their younger kin
  • In group two include all who are younger than you and you can adopt an advisory tone to bring them to the position of their eternal wellbeing

Spare more time for family

If you do a job or business, for now you have to allocate little extra time for your family for interacting with them more. Your strict following to Islamic teachings will not be enough to influence them fully, though it has its own significance. You have to talk to them and share them your feelings of joy and pleasure after you fully adopted the Islamic way of living. You must tell them there is much convenience while following major sunnahs as being a practical Muslim.

No sermons just talk to them

In passion and love for Islam most Islamic brothers get so emotional while asking their family to follow Islamic teachings. We must influence them with our righteousness and steadfastness to become practical Muslim and be successful here and hereafter.

Keep seeking help of Allah

You cannot do any good deed without the help of Allah. No doubt it is order of Allah to bring your family, friends and colleagues towards the way of welfare but you must seek help of Allah to be successful in your goal. In this way you will achieve your goal early and with much success.

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