tips to defeat feelings of jealousy

How to overcome feelings of jealousy?

tips to defeat feelings of jealousyDo you believe in destiny? If so, you should never be jealous of someone’s happiness. Being a Muslim we have to remain well wishers of others. We must be happy if others are happy. We must let others share their joys with us. This spirit portrays us as an enviable community across the world. But this is also a reality that jealousy is a natural feeling and comes into us howsoever we want to control it.

Main causes of jealousy

We don’t be jealous of someone’s success without any reason. There must be a reason behind it. Here are the main reasons of jealousy.

Why not me: This is the biggest cause of jealousy in us. If we see the achievement of others the first thought comes into our mind is; why not me. We usually think ourselves smarter than the achiever. We feel ourselves more deserving for that achievement.

Instigation: Sometimes we don’t feel any jealousy for an achiever. But people around us try to instigate us. They convince us that we are the most deserving for that success. Evil overpowered us and we become convinced of such misleading arguments and feel jealousy for the achiever.

If someone is our enemy: This is natural. If our enemy gets something our jealousy is obvious. But we should think first why we have an enemy. Is he because of his own fault or we are equally responsible to hold animosity against him. If he is responsible and we don’t want any animosity with him we should try to avoid such person.

How to get rid of jealousy?

There are two strongest points to get rid of jealousy. If we follow them there is no chance to suffer from this negative feeling.

Everything is from Allah

Being Muslim we have to keep struggling for our wellbeing and remain happy over the achievements of others. We don’t know the amount of struggle someone has made to achieve something. That is why before any feelings of jealousy we must ask ourselves; do we know about the struggle and hard work of that person. For this purpose we should not believe in what people are saying about his success. We should try to examine what actually made him to become successful.

Others achievements are not bottleneck for us

If someone has achieved success it does not mean now there is no success in this world to achieve. Whatever others are trying they will get and whatever we are struggling we must be rewarded for our hard work. Nothing is scarce in this world. Blessings of Allah are unlimited. We need to become deserving for these blessings and forget about others achievements.

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