tips to be helpful to others

How to remain helpful to others?

tips to be helpful to othersThere are many reasons why a person should be helpful to others. One of the many reasons is to earn brownie points from the person they are trying to help. However, helping someone in order to earn brownie points is considered to be immoral simply because a person needs to remain helpful to others all the time and not only for certain periods of time. Allah and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) have advised Muslims to remain helpful to everyone and not only their Muslim brothers and sisters.

A person needs to be helpful to others so that they can make sure that they do exactly what Allah, the Quran, the Holy Prophet (PBUH), and the Sunnah and Ahadith advise us to do. One of the many basics of Islam is being helpful and generous to those who need your help or generosity and that is basically why a Muslim needs to remain helpful to others.

How to be helpful to others?

The following are some of the many ways how a person can make sure that they are helpful to others.

Offer to help other even if you can’t actually help them

Even if a person cannot really help others and know that the person they will offer their help to will decline their help, they should at least offer to help them. The reason why they should do so is because when a person offers their help to another person, the other person gains the ability to overcome whatever problems they are facing because they know that there are people out there who are supporting them and are always there to help. The assurance and satisfaction gained by knowing that they have someone to look out for them and help them alone provides a person with strength and courage.

Say positive things to others and let them know that you’re on their side

A person should always say positive things to those who are facing problems and troubles. That is because positive things will encourage the other person to have faith in Allah and have faith in fate itself. A person will also be able to release the stress being built up inside of them when another person lets them know that they have someone who cares about them and that they have someone who will always be on their side. People who are facing problems should always be treated to helpful and positive comments in order to make sure that they do not lose their cool and keep their head in the game.

Don’t criticize

Another thing that a person can do in order to make sure that they remain helpful for others is to avoid criticizing those who face troubles and those who face some problems. A person should always say enthusiastic and encouraging things to those who need an extra morale boost. Criticizing will just get them more frustrated and will not help them do anything positive and instead, it will just cause an additional buildup of stress on them.

Do you know of any more ways how a person can be helpful to others?

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