tips to save time for more worship

How to spare max time for religious obligations?

tips to save time for more worshipWe want to do more and more worships but we don’t have time for this. We always talk to each other that we fulfill the compulsory obligations but for the optional ones we can’t spare time. We should correct our sentence and should say we waste our time in worldly activities that is why we don’t have time to make our life of hereafter safe from the accountability. Actually we want to follow compulsory Islamic injunctions in a mechanic way. This is not a correct approach. Whatever we do to seek the pleasure of Allah we must do it by our heart. For this purpose we must have ample time to seek the pleasure of Allah. Here are four tips to save max time for religious obligations both compulsory and obligatory.

Do less time to your upkeep

We spend lot of time to our upkeep. We keep standing in front of mirror and keep combing our hair again and again. Similarly to apply deodorant and perfumes we spend lot of time in thinking which perfume should we apply today. Likewise we use hard to close cufflinks and have to almost fight with them for their proper grip on our cuffs. We keep shining our shoes again and again just fearing any spot may be left over it. So we must avoid this obsession and give time to our upkeep that is necessary.

Be selective in pastime

In our pastime we must be selective in our activities. If we have to read a newspaper we should pick the one that we like the most. All newspapers have almost same news. Similarly if we are browsing over the internet we should just go to the website where we find the stuff we need. We should not waste time by first surfing several sites, then reviewing them and after that selecting the best one. This we can do once and after that can make a list in Google reader to visit those websites that related to our work or interest.

Manage your things-to-do list

In this activity we also waste lot of time and cannot spare time for the religious obligations. If we have a proper list of all the work we have to do on a specific day we can organize it and do them in lesser time. We can manage this list even in our cell phone with alert tone for the most important work. In this way we will do a work in a time space where we can do it easily.

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