how to spend a successful Islamic life

How to spend a successful Islamic life?

how to spend a successful Islamic lifeIn Islam success does not lie in material wellbeing. But it doesn’t mean you don’t have to manage your worldly affairs with prosperity. It is the right of every Muslim to equally take efforts to spend a prosperous and comfortable life in this world. But he should not make this his ultimate objective. Being Muslim we must keep in mind that this world is nothing but a mean to achieve a higher end that is success in hereafter. If we achieve this eternal success we will be having blessings of Allah and spending a life with every luxury and comfort in heaven. For this we must invest our every effort in this world for it.

To spend a successful Islamic life we must:

  • Perform our religious obligations on time and regularly
  • Avoid all major sins more particularly and minor sins also
  • Fulfill the rights of people
  • Fulfill the rights of self
  • Take care of our parents
  • Bring up our children according to Islam
  • Earn Halal income
  • Remain in touch with the community and avoid isolation
  • Influence others to be good Muslims

Besides this, we must avoid the following to spend a successful Islamic life.

  • Any vulgar activity
  • Any company that may lead us to the path of disaster
  • Any work that makes money that we are not sure that either it is Halal or Haram
  • Hurting people
  • Any tendency that relates to strife in society
  • Any gathering that is not organized for a good purpose

Balance must

Successful Islamic life does not mean just to perform religious obligations and forget about this world. We have all the rights to make our worldly life happy but not at the cost of our religious life. At the time of Salat we must stop any kind of work and go to Masjid for offering prayer. But besides this we are allowed to work hard and earn Halal income more and more.

Adopt a lifestyle you can afford

Similarly there is no objection in Islam if you wear costly clothes, use costly products and buy a costly car. You can adopt such a lavish lifestyle if you can afford it. But the need is to keep check over your objective. If you want this just for your own happiness it is fine. Otherwise if you mean to impress others or show off your position it is not good because those who can’t afford such life style may feel frustrated. So you will become a source to spread frustration in people. We know that shaitan can misguide frustrated people more easily. Therefore, our intention must be pure to be thankful to Allah for the blessings He showered on us.

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