tips to make your kids practical Muslim

How to train your kids as practical Muslim?

tips to make your kids practical MuslimFrom the very beginning we fondly make our kids memorize various recitals and ask them to repeat for their grip on holy versus. We especially make them remember various dua especially related to daily chores like before eating food, awaking in the morning, greeting others etc. After that a stage comes in the life of our kids when we have to make them practical Muslim.

When to make your kids practical Muslim?

It is advisable to make your kids fulfill compulsory religious obligations from the age of 7 and order them do so when they grow at the age of 10. But life is not a machine that just they reach at 7 and we issue a decree to bind them offer 5 times prayers, one month roza (fasting) as these two obligations are compulsory for them. They have to pay zakat (annual financial contribution) when they earn and to go for Hajj (yearly congregation at Makkah) if they can afford at any stage of their life.

Develop prayer habit in kids

The best way to make your kids habitual of 5 times prayers is to take them to mosque. If you live in a society where there is no mosque in your area then ask them to join you at home on prayer time. For this you should buy multiple salat rugs (jaey namaz) to lay them for all your kids to offer prayer collectively. In this way you can arrange salat in jamaat (prayer in group) that has more reward in Islam.

Not simply habit

But you have to differentiate between prayers and physical drill. You kids must know the real benefits of offering prayers on time and what rewards Allah give in return of them. For this you simultaneously need to tell the blessings of salat and develop interest in them to offer prayers with their true spirit. Not only salat but all religious acts they must do with their basic concept to avoid making them simply religious rituals like in other religions we find.

Impact of salat

You must inculcate your kids if they truly offer prayers five times a day it will keep them away from all types of evils. For this if your mother tongue is not Arabic you must teach the translation of prayers’ recital to your kids. In this way they have understanding of what they are reciting. Actually we talk to Allah through our salat and our kids must know this reality.

After following punctuality in salat you need to teach other dos and dons of Islam with the help of practical example. You need to make them practical Muslim with practical examples of our elders specially the holy personalities of the history of Islam.

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