using internet as Muslim

How to use internet as Muslim?

using internet as MuslimThe internet is the most famous part of the current era. In fact, the modern era is also known as the “internet era” or the “era of internet”. The reason behind that is that the internet is the most well-known part of the era that we are living in and the internet is probably the most used medium on the planet. About 62% of the world’s population has access to the internet and about 48% of the world’s population uses the internet frequently. The population of the world that uses the internet includes people from different nations, different companies and more importantly, different religions. The people who do not have access to the internet are the people who cannot afford internet or people who hail from countries that are yet to receive the blessing that is known

The relationship of the internet and Muslims

As mentioned before, people from all the religions across the world use the internet. This includes Muslims. However, there are some Muslims who have not yet embraced the blessing that is known as the internet and continue to consider the internet as something that is not only bad but something that spread nothing but sins and leads people astray. Allah and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) have taught Muslims to make sure that they stay away from any mediums that are capable of making them go astray or are capable of urging them to perform bad deeds or sins.

How to use the internet being a Muslim?

There is a large portion of Muslims who use the internet for different purposes but there are still some Muslims who do not use the internet or have doubts related to the use of the internet. Well, some Muslims fear that if they start using the internet, they will go astray. The people wonder how to use internet while being Muslims. The following are some of the many ways how a person can use the internet as a Muslim.

By staying away from inappropriate content

Everything has some advantages and some disadvantages. In the case of the internet, one of the many disadvantages is that the internet contains a lot of content that is not suitable for Muslims and is despised in the religion of Islam. For all those who are wondering how to use internet as Muslims, they can use the internet while being Muslims by simply staying away from inappropriate content and not coming into contact with such content.

By using the internet to some extents

For all those wondering how to use internet as Muslims, they can also do so by simply using the internet to some extents. A person should make sure that they use the internet strictly educational of informative purposes. In addition, a person can also use the internet as a Muslim by making sure that they do not use the internet all the time and use the internet for a certain amount of time. The internet can be the most informative source on Earth but it can also be extremely addictive and that is what Muslims need to keep an eye out for.

Do you know of any more ways how a person can use the internet as a Muslim?

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