tips to enjoy your life according to Islam

How to utilize every moment of your life?

tips to enjoy your life according to IslamFollowers of materialism believe that the purpose of the creation of human beings is just enjoyment. They are born to grow, earn, enjoy and die. This is the main reason of the chaos and anxiety in this world. Everybody is running after money and self-interests. So much so that he forgets the humanity and working like a machine and behaving like an animal. In this scenario we should be thankful to Allah that we are born as Muslims. Being a Muslim it must be our belief that we are sent in this world with a purpose.

What is our purpose of creation?

We the human beings are sent in this world to obey the orders of Allah. We must take this life as a trial field for an ultimate success. If we think this world as end in itself we will adopt the path of disaster. The path, that leads to destruction. If we take this world as a mean to achieve an eternal end we will achieve real success and blessings of Allah in heaven. So we must utilize every moment of our life here.

For this purpose we should divide our life into three segments

  • Professional life
  • Social life
  • Religious life

But we must keep in mind that being a Muslim we can never spend these three parts of our life separately. They are completely interdependent because in all parts we are first Muslim then a worker, a father, a husband, a worshipper. So we have to keep this reality in mind.

Professional life

It is so easy to remain true and practical Muslim in our professional life. For this we have to plan from the start and choose a career that is not in contradiction to the teachings of Islam. Secondly after entering in practical life we should be committed to our profession and think long term instead of running after short term benefits. In this way we would remain contented on whatever we have and will not make haste for growth and financial prosperity.

Social life

Social life mostly depends upon our professional life. If we have a good job and earning we can afford to live in a good place where other people will also have same standard of living. Their grooming and education will also be good. So it would be so easy to interact with them and influence them with our moral character to make them good Muslims.

Religious life

Our every moment of life pertains to our religious life. If we do our every work for seeking the pleasure of Allah it will become worship. This part of our life is not limited to a set of prayers and worship. It comprises of our whole life even if we are sleep after fulfilling all our compulsory obligations it means we are in worship. So how blessed are we that we belong to a religion that offers convenience over convenience to spend a happy life leading to the eternal success if we spend it with the purpose given to us by Allah.

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