modern education for your kids

Is modern education sufficient to make your kids good Muslim?

modern education for your kidsModern education is the education that most schools are practicing in the current era, an era of technology and modernization. Modern education is practiced in almost every education institute around the world, including educational institutes in Muslim countries. Many people wonder what modern education consists of. Well, apart from normal, old fashion education, modern education consists of a number of elements, including educational audio/video sessions, obligations to learning a number of languages, and extracurricular activities. All of these elements make up what most people call “modern education”, a type of education that is practiced all over the world.

Is modern education sufficient to make your kids good Muslims?

Well, the answer to this question is quite clear. Modern education is definitely not sufficient to make your kids good Muslim. Why is that so? Well, audio/video classes do not help at all when it comes to making good Muslims out of children, and neither do extracurricular activities such as sports and field trips. In addition, learning different languages will not help a person become a better Muslim and normal, old school education only helps a person become familiar with this world, a world that is not permanent, instead of helping a person become a good Muslim.

What is capable of making your kids good Muslims?

When a person gets to know that modern education is not sufficient to make their kids good Muslims, they start wondering what can do so. Well, there are many answers to this specific question. The following are some of the many things that are sufficient to make your kids good Muslim.

Islamic education

The first, and the most important, thing that can make children good Muslims is Islamic education. Kids do not necessarily need modern education in order for them to become good Muslims. Instead, kids need Islamic education in order for them to become good Muslims. For a child to become a good Muslim, they need to know all that needs to be known regarding the religion of Islam. Parents who provide their children with Islamic education can definitely rest assured since Islamic education will surely make their kids good Muslims. For those who do not know, Islamic education consists of all the knowledge that man needs to know regarding the religion of Islam, including what man needs to know regarding Allah and his Prophet (PBUH).


If you want to make your kids good Muslim, you should make sure that you pray to Allah and ask Allah to guide your kids to the right path. In addition, a person should also introduce their child to prayers in order to make sure that their child becomes a good Muslim.

Islamic environment

A person can also make their kids good Muslims by providing them with a healthy and decent Islamic environment. A large percentage of the information that a person receives and the things that a person learns are because of the environment they live in, thus proving that if kids are provided with an Islamic environment, they will become good Muslims.

What are your thoughts on this issue and what do you think about modern education?

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