Islam Holy Quran

The Holy Quran according to Islam is the book revealed by Allah (God) to his last Prophet Mohammed. Islam Holy Quran is in the Arabic language and translated into many if not all other languages. The Holy Quran consists of many topics, mainly being beliefs, articles of faith, history, jurisprudence, examples and many more. It provides a framework of guidelines for all aspects of life and is claimed and proven to be the Holy Book of the complete religion.

The Holy Quran was revealed in Arabia, mostly in and between Makkah and Madina over a 23 year period directly through revelation to Prophet Mohammed. The verses were revealed as and when needed to guide the Muslim community through life’s challenges. The Holy Quran provides a framework of laws by which the Muslim communities must adhere to, however the detail of laws and guidelines cannot be found in the Holy Quran, for e.g. the five compulsory prayers and their times are mentioned but the actual actions of the prayer is not mentioned in the Holy Quran. However, the Holy Quran explicitly mentions to follow the Quran and the Sunnah (the sayings, actions and approvals of the Prophet). These have been preserved in books of Hadith most commonly as Bukhari and Muslim which the Sunni sect believe to be the most authentic capture of events after the undisputable Holy Quran. According to the Shia sect the most common Hadith books are Kitabul Kafi and Tahdib al Ahkam, along with a few others.

Despite the disagreement in the Hadith scriptures there is consensus that the Quran has been captured to the letter and what we have today is what was revealed to the Prophet (There is a minority group of Shias who object to this and claim two short surahs will have been revealed but will be shown near the end of time).

Islam Holy Quran is respected by all who respect religion and human life, minority hate groups think otherwise and openly disrespect the Holy Quran. For the Muslim community the Holy Quran serves as source of encouragement to do good, and many people feel the need to bring the true understanding of the Quran to the rest of the world. Solely upon reciting the verses of the Quran the reader is rewarded by 10 rewards to the letter, and must be in the state of ablution to touch the Quran, however it can be recited by heart without ablution but is not advised. There is no time across the world when the Holy Quran is not being recited, may it be for prayer, reading, teaching or memorising. Children as early as 7 have memorised the entire Quran by heart across the globe and the teaching continues throughout their lives. The promise of Allah of preserving the Quran in its entirety has been fulfilled as evident from any Quran or person who knows the Quran.

The Islam Holy Quran is a blessing upon humanity and should be read by all as supposed to hear say against the Muslims and Islam. The Muslim community should stand firm alongside the laws of the Holy Quran and bring as much of it as possible into their lives by acting and teaching others.


·         Read daily

·         Understand the verses

·         Act upon what you have read

·         If you do not understand refer to the people who know


·         Rewarded 10 times each letter

·         Life will become clear and have meaning

Blessings will enter your life

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