Islam Rising

Islam has been rising since the first revelation to the Prophet Mohammed somewhat 1400 plus years ago. Islam being from one man to two billion is a definite rise, also statistics show that Islam is the fastest growing religion by reverts and births.

In the UK I don’t know if many people have noticed the increase of the Islamic name everywhere but, If you are a Muslim you would not really hear or see anything to-do with Sikhism or Judaism, but if you are a Non- Muslim you are guaranteed to see hallal signs, Mosques, Islamic Sharia banking, news related to Islam on t.v. etc… Islam has been rising and will continue to rise as long as there are people who speak the truth and people who can see the truth.

The people that say Islam has been spread or has been risen by the sword, well there has been no sword used in making mosques, certifying hallal foods. The Muslim countries which have non-Muslim residing have never been forced to change their religion; the people of Madina were never forced to change their religion by the Prophet, the only reason why Islam is rising is because people see the truth in it and want to be part of it. In business terminology Islam the brand is a quality product and service which people refer via word of mouth, there is no pushy sales people that are trying to rip you off, but it is pure ethics and 100% truth.

People are beginning to realise that Islam is a complete religion and teaches us things which benefit individuals, families and society as a whole. After years of research, researches have come to know specific things that improve the quality of life or how things work etc… But when you look back this is what Allah and the Prophet has told us centuries ago. For example, how the system of the clouds work, it’s in the Quran, how the baby is formed, it’s in the Quran. The position of prostration, and the amount of times that it has to be done in the day for prayers, has been set from near day one. Researchers have now realised that the only part of the day when the head is lower than the heart is in prostration and it allows the blood to flow easily. (Full details are available on the internet, search for it).

For many reasons such as these people are reverting to Islam and people who are already Muslims are becoming stronger in their faith, and are trying to act upon as many as the teachings as possible. The greatest change in history was the birth of Islam, therefore islam rising is accurate.


Seek the truth

Act on the truth

Pray for the truth


You will know the truth

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