what are Islamic online facilities

Islamic online facilities

what are Islamic online facilitiesBecause of the growing use of internet everything is available online around the world. Market is segmented under various parameters to hit the accurate target audience. For online teen products websites focus the age group from 15 to 20. Online cosmetics business hits the women net users. On the same pattern various businesses are targeting different communities, sects, creeds, religions and regions to sell their products to right customers. This is the basic philosophy of internet marketing that is capturing the market share from conventional market very rapidly. It is rightly said that in next ten years more than half of the businesses of the entire advanced world would completely be shifted online.

Islamic online facilities have solved the problem of those Muslim communities that are living in non-Muslim societies where they feel difficulty to find various products and services for their use according to the Islamic teachings. Selecting eateries they have to take extra care because of selecting only halal products that are prepared and packaged according to the teachings of Islam.

In countries where Muslims live in minorities such Islamic products are hardly available because of their thin demand. Supplier can’t afford to produce and sell such halal products in less number that can’t cover its cost of business. However, because of online service now a small businessman can cover a vast area by offering such products through online with home delivery service. Usually following Islamic online facilities are in main demand in non-Muslim societies.

Islamic online food outlet

This is one of the basic necessities of Muslim communities all around the world. On such things a Muslim can never compromise and nor can afford to give the benefit of doubt. He has to confirm before buying any eatery whether it is halal or not. Islamic online food outlets have solved this problem and in all the European countries and USA such services are available. You just have to write the name of your area and Islamic online food in search window of your browser and you would be getting many facilities in or near your area.

Islamic online education

This is the second most important need of Muslim communities living in secular societies. They have to provide Islamic education to their kids. If not full time most of the Muslim parents want to send their kids to any Weekend Islamic School (www.idealmuslim.com) to make them learn what Islam orders about everything in life. In this way they can become practical Muslims. In London a few Islamic scholars have taken the initiative and started Weekend Islamic School in three main areas of the city. In other countries however, such facilities are not widely available. In this situation Muslim parents have to rely on online Islamic education centers to make their kids practical Muslims.

Islamic online clothing

This is also another important need of the Muslim communities living in secular or non-Muslim countries. In few countries Muslims live in very small number. If they live in huge number even then they live at distant places and one physical outlet can’t serve all of them. However, Islamic online clothing facilities with home delivery service have solved the problem of Muslims living in such countries.

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