Islamic Studies Levels


Islamic Studies Levels and topics

The Islamic Weekend School Islamic studies programme are set in levels. The syllabus used is the world reputable Tasheel Series developed in South Africa under the Jamiat ul Ulama (Committee of Scholars).

The syllabus is very well layed out according to children needs. The syllabus begins with very basic concepts in a fun, activity based manner, to ensure the young children are engaged whilst gaining the learning outcomes.The Islamic Studies levels go to level 1-12, the higher the level the more challenging the work becomes.

Ideal Muslim Weekend Schools have built the Islamic Studies curriculum based on the Tasheel levels and lessons, in addition have supplemented the lessons with customised worksheet and resources (this can be found in the relevant sections).

As a result, with the combination of a united effort and creative thinking we are able to provide a unique learning experience ensuring they enjoy and learn.

May Allah increase ALL our levels in Jannah. Ameen

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