Kindness in Islam

Kindness in Islam is an essential part of a Muslims life, kindness is required is every instance of Muslim conduct. One of the main aims in Islam is to train people to become kind and gentle toward everything:

1.       It is necessary that a Muslim is gentle when criticising others for something they might have done.

2.       Speaking should be loud enough to be heard by the recipient and not louder.

3.       Evil speech and speech which discourages someone should always be avoided.

4.       Laughter should not be loud and annoying.

5.       Weeping should be restrained and polite, not loud and disruptive.

6.       Eating and drinking should be done in a manner which does not disturb others around you, in a gentle and dignified way.

7.       Kindness is Islam for a Muslim is to restrain his anger, keeping himself within the limits of patience and courtesy.

8.       Parents should give their beautiful, meaningful names and avoid names which indicate towards difficulty and sadness.

9.       Tenderness should be a most essential in the love-making process.

10.   Smiling at other people is always encouraged.

11.   Looking attentively at others while conversing with them is important.

If you show mercy and kindness to the people in the world, the All merciful will show mercy and kindness to you in this world and the next. To elaborate all the possible situations for kindness in Islam would be near impossible, however if you remember a general rule which is to “treat others like you would like to be treated” in mind then the only thing left would be to implement it.


·         Ask Allah for help

·         Remind yourself about the general rule constantly.

·         If you do go out of line, apologise at the first instance.


·         Allah will show mercy on you.

·         Your relations will become more meaningful and stronger bonds will form.

·         He will be happy with you.

·         You will go Jannah (If Allah wills).

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