level 1 Topics-Islamic Weekend School

Level 1 Topics-Islamic Weekend School (Download)

Tasheel Series: Level 1







1 The love for Allah Istinja 1-2 Adam (as) My classroom Salaam
2 Allah is All knowing Istinja 3-4 Adam (as) on earth My home Eating
3 Allah is all seeing Istinja 5-6 Nooh (as) A good Muslim Drinking
4 Allah is all hearing Istinja 7-8 The building of the ark My Speech Mother
5 Allah is all loving Istinja 9-10 Ibraheem (as) Give and take Truthfulness
6 Allah is Kind Keep your body clean 11-12 Sacrifice of Ibraheem (as) Eating habbits Beauty
7 The cave of hira Keep your body clean 13-14 Yoosuf (as) Drinkinghabbits Character
8 Keep your body clean 15-16 Yoosuf (as) in Egypt Neighbour
9 Clean Habits 17-18 Muhammad (saw) birth Sharing
10 Clean Habits 19-20 Muhammad (saw) childhood Charity
11 Clean Habits 21-22 Nabee Muhammed (saw) character When Zayd came Home Question
12 Clean Habits 23-24
13 Surroundings of a Muslim 25-26
14 Surroundings of a Muslim 27-28
15 Surroundings of a Muslim29-30
16 Surroundings of a Muslim 31

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