Level 3 Islamic Weekend School Topics

Level 3 Islamic Weekend School Topics (Download)

Tasheel Series: Level 3







1 Allaah is the greatest Arabic terms Life at Makkah Knowledge Relieving Yourself
2 The Last Day Compulsury acts of wudhu Birth Helping the Needy Honour of a Muslim
3 Jannah and Jahannam The sunnah acts of wudhu Childhood Care for Animals Borrowing
4 Taqdeer Practical wudhu Youth Kindness Anger
5 Life After Death Things that break wudhu Building of the Kaabah Respect The Quraan
6 The Foundation of Islaam When is wudhu necessary Young Adult Truthfulness Cleanliness
7 Ghusl Marriage Salaam Yawning
8 The sunnah method of ghusl Search for Truth The Masjeed Sneezing
9 The Qiblah Prophethood Game Good and Bad Gratitude
10 The Qiblah Preaching Smiling
11 Migration to Abyssinia
12 Boycott
13 Loss of two friends
14 Meraj
15 Agreement of Aqabah
16 Hijrat to Madeenah

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