Level 4 Islamic Weekend School Topics

Level 4 Islamic Weekend School Topics (Download)

Tasheel Series: Level 4







1 The purpose of our creation Revision Arrival at madeenah munawarah Conduct The Best Person
2 Islaam Mustahab acts of wudhu Masjeed-un-nabawee Forgiveness Jealousy
3 The three common principles of deen Makroohaat in wudhu Agreement with the jews Promises Good Character
4 Bleiefs of a muslim Ghusl Munaafiqeen (hypocrites) Wastefulness The Key To Jannah
5 Islaam – A complete way of life Makroohaat of ghusl Wars with the non-muslims of makkah Parents Neighbours
6 The five pillars of faith The sunan of ghusl The battle of badr The tongue Cheating
7 Major sins Sunnah ghusl The battle of uhad Nicknames When Entering or Leaving the Home
8 The Ambiyaa (prophets) Tayammum The battle of uhad (continued) Friends The Best Form of Thikr
9 Al- Haseeb (The reckoner) Rules of tayammum Relations with the jews Dressing Mercy Unto others
10 Attawwab Items on which tayammum is permissible Battle of ahzaab Theft Command The Good
11 Times of salah The treaty of hudaibiya
12 Forbidden times of salaah Letters to the kings and governors
13 Salaah chart The fall of khaibar
14 Faraaidh of salaah The conquest of makkah
15 How to read salaah The battle of hunayn
16 The march on tabook
17 The farewell hajj
18 The demise of rasoolullah

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