Level 5 Islamic Weekend School Topics

Level 5 Islamic Weekend School Topics (Download)

Tasheel Series: Level 5







1 Qualities of Alaah Najaasah The Pre-Islaamic Age Walking Frightening Another Muslim
2 Angels Najaasah Hukmee The Birth of Rasoollulah (saw) Talking Salaah
3 The Quraan Water Childhood Joking Breaking Ties
4 Nabee Muhammad (saw) The rules for water First journey to syria Neighbours Beginning With The Right Side
5 Signs of Qiyaamah Istinjaa Youth Self Respect Wudhu
6 The Hereafter Miswaak Building of the Kaabah Hosts Fulfilling One’s Promise
7 Jannah and Jahannam Virtues of wudhu Adulthood Sharing Ghibah-Backbiting
8 Al-Maani How to make wudhu Marriage Table Manners Safeguarding The Tongue
9 Al- Hadee Mustahab acts of wudhu Search for truth Friday Salaah Kindness Towards Others
10 The Makrooh acts of wudhu Prophethood Duty of one Muslim to Another Anger
11 Actions that break wudhu Preaching
12 Actions that don’t break wudhu Two loyal and courageous friends
13 Occasions when wudhu is mustahab Torture and Persecution
14 Ghusl Hijrah to Abyssinia
15 Ghusl Boycott
16 The sunnah acts of ghusl Loss of two friends
17 Occasions when ghusl becomes fardh Journey to Taeef
18 Tayammum Meraaj
19 Faraaid of tayammum The firstĀ  pledge of Aqabah
20 Masah on the khuf The second pledge of Aqabah
21 Masah on the wounds etc Hijrah to Madeenah
22 The waajib actions of salaah
23 Sunan in salaah
24 Mustahabbat in salaah
25 Makroohaat in salaah
26 Mufsidaatus salaah
27 Practical salaah
28 How to read salaah

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