Level 6 Islamic Weekend School Topics

Level 6 Islamic Weekend School Topics (Download)

Tasheel Series: Level 6







1 The Sifaat (Attributive Names) of Allah Removal of Najaasah (Impurities) Arrival in Madeenah Treatment of Parents Control of the Tongue
2 The Glorious Quran The Rules of Water Masjeed-e-Nabawee Elder Shaking Hands
3 Wahee Rules Pertainning to Wells Treaty (Pact) with the Jews Neighbours Breaking Ties
4 Ilham (Inspiration) Salaah Munafiqeen (Hypocrites) Relatives Reward for Reciting Quraan
5 Mujizaat (Miracles) Times of Salaah Battles with the Kuffaar of Makkah Kind Behaviour Houses in which Angles do not Enter
6 Karaamat Forbidden Times of Salaah The Battle of Badr Self Respect Intoxicants
7 Istidraaj Athaan The Battle of Uhud Dishonesty Begeining with the Right
8 The Auliyaa Significance of the Athaan The Battle of Uhud (continued) Backbiting Useless Activities
9 Nabee Eesaa Iqaamah Relations with the Jews Jealousy Good Chacracter
10 Signs of Qiyamah Conditions for the Validity of Salaah The Battle of Ahzab (Trenches) Dressing Protection from Harm and Danger
11 Imaam Mahdee Fardh Acts in Salaah The Treaty of Hudaibiyah Greeting carrying Tales
12 Dajjal The Waajib Acts of Salaah Invitations to Kings and Governors Eating Habits Attributes of Allaah
13 Descension of Nabee Eesaa Sajdatus Sahw The Campaign of Khaibar
14 Yajooj and Majooj The Sunnah Acts of Salaah The Conquest of Makkah
15 Mustahab Acts of Salaah The Battle of Hunain
16 Makrooh Acts of Salaah The Compaign of Tabook
17 Mufsidaat of Salaah The Farewell Hajj (Pilgrimage)
18 Witr Salaah The Demise of Rasoolullah (saw)
19 Sunnah Salaah
20 The Masaajid
21 Salaah with Jamaah
22 The Masbooq
23 Qadhaa Salaah
24 Salaatul Mareedh
25 The Day of Jummah
26 Salaatut Taraweeh
27 Sajdatut Tilaawah
28 Salaatul Musaafir
29 Salaatul Eid
30 Salaatul Janaazah
31 Practical Salaah

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