Level 7 Islamic Weekend School Topics

Level 7 Islamic Weekend School Topics (Download)

Tasheel Series: Level 7







1 Allah, The Majesty Masah on Khuffain Name and parent of Sayyidina Abu Bakr Pride Kindness
2 Shirk Mazoor Early life and noble Qualities Humility The etiquette of leaving home
3 Nabuwwat and Risaalat Wudhu First man to accept Islam Anger Guarding the tongue
4 Rasoolullah Ghusl His love for Rasoolullah Guarding the tongue Modesty
5 Bid`at Buloogh Hijrat to Abyssinia Greed Dressing
6 Good Deeds Imaamat Khilafat of Sayyidinia Abu Bakr Kindness to Orphans Dressing 2
7 Sin and Repentance Salaah The new Khalifah problems facing the newly appointed Khalifa Ilm (knowledge) Respect
8 The Sahabah Saum The expedition of Sayyidina Usama The Quran Kareem The importance of Salaah
9 The Righteous Khulafa Sehri The Renegades Major sins The importance of Jamaat
10 Respecting the teachings of the Deen Qadha Saum The False Prophets Aadaab of speech Constancy in Aamal
11 Interpretation of the Deen Kaffarah The eleven armies The aadaab of the guest Influencing Someone
12 Taqleed Itikaaf The expedition of Sayyidina Khalid bin Waleed The aadaab of the host
13 Signs of Qiyamah Laylatul Qadr Musailamah Kadhaab Aadaab and sunnats regarding hair, moustache beards and nails
14 Destruction of the Ka`bah Sadaqatul Fitr Expeditions against various renegade tribes Womens make up and adornment
15 Qurbani The Persians General guidelines for both sexes
16 Aqeeqah The Romans The aadab of illness, iyaadat and taziyat
17 Zabah Death of Sayyidina Abu Bakr The adaab of general use
18 Hunting As-Siddiq Al-Akbar passes away Sunnats pertaining to eating
19 Halaal and Haraam Wives and children Human safety
20 Umrah Abu Bakr saviour of Islam Aadab of addressing others
21 Zakaat Administration of Sayyidina Abu Bakr Democratic way of his government shura Sunnats and adaab of travelling
22 Appointment of Officers Sunnats and adaab of reading the Quran
23 Officers of his government
24 Baitul Maal and revenue
25 Army and its administration
26 Dawah of Islam
27 Department of Jurists
28 Punishments
29 Division of Arabian Peninsula into various provinces
30 Miscellaneous services for Islam
31 Sayyidina Umar: Family and lineage
32 His noble features
33 Embracing Islam
34 The title of Al-Farooq
35 The Athaan
36 Important events during the Khilafat of Sayyidina Umar
37 Conquest of Damascus
38 Conquest of Jerusalem
39 Iraq
40 The battle of Buwaib
41 The battle of Qadisiya
42 The Muslim envoys
43 Other conquests
44 Martyrdom of Sayyidina Umar
45 His Family
46 His noble qualities
47 His administration
48 Sayyidina Umar service to Islam
49 Character
50 Piety
51 Sayyidina Umar as a great scholar
52 Dawah to Islam
53 Sayyidina Umars administration Islamic democracy and shura
54 Islamic state based upon shura
55 Freedom of opinion
56 Provincial administration
57 The Khilafah was a religious head of state
58 Judiciary
59 Department of Education
60 Police department and institute of prisons
61 The baitul maal and revenue administration
62 Survey of lands in Iraq
63 Jizya
64 Personal care of the public
65 Construction of office buildings and erection of new cities
66 Special care of agriculture
67 Introduction of Islamic calendar
68 Regular army
69 Preservation of islamic practice and culture
70 Sayyidina Umars period was the golden age of Islamic History

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