Level 8 Islamic Weekend School Topics

Level 8 Islamic Weekend School Topics (Download)

Tasheel Series: Level 8







Duroosul Quran

1 Baseless interpretation Nafl Salah Sayyidina Uthmaan Sincerity The mubarak ring of Rasullah Surah Faatiha
2 Kufr and its categories Miscellaneous rules of Salah Election to the Khilafat Halaal Earnigs The sword of Rasullah An Naas
3 Beliefs and acts which render one a Kaafir Error committed by Imam Important events during the Khilafat of sayyidina uthmaan Good character and entertaining guest The turban of Rasullah Al Falaq
4 Hadeeth- A source of the Shariah Qadha Salah Alexandria Janna and Jahannam The loin cloth of Rasullah Al Ikhlaas
5 The Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama`ah Janaa`iz North Africa The rights of the host The walk of the Rasullah Al Lahab
6 The essential of Deen Ghusl of the mayyit The first Islamic navy To be grateful and thankful The sitting of Rasullah An Nasr
7 Bid`at The kafn Rhodes The best food The description of the eating of Rasullah Al Kaafiroon
8 Matters pertaining to the heavens The janaazah Salah The compilation of the Quraan Shame and modesty The bread of Rasullah Al Kawthar
9 Creation and evolution Qabrs Yezdagrid Modesty The description of Rasullah drinks Al Ma`oon
10 Qadianism Dafn Internal unrest Taharat The description of Rasullah curry Al Quraish
11 Taziah Major Islamic cities The virtues of wudu The drinking manners of Rasullah Al Feel
12 Esaale Thawaab Abdulah bin Saba The acts of visiting the sick The using of Itr of Rasullah Al Humaza
13 Types of Charity Opposition against the governors and the Khilafah Aadaab of a majlis The speech of Rasullah Al Asr
14 Zakaat Sayyidina Uthmaan reply to the allegations Aadaab of Mulaaqaat The sleeping of Rasullah
15 Nisaab The rebels in Madinah Aadaab of correspondence The weeping of Rasullah
16 Silver Conspiracy The Aadaab of a promise The narrations of the bed of Rasullah
17 Partnerships Speech by Sayyidina Uthmaan The aadaab of the masjid The humbleness of Rasullah
18 The Zakaat nisaab for sheep and goats Martyrdom of Sayyidina Uthmaan Aadaab of a muslim home The noble character and habits of Rasullah
19 Zakaat on mined products Virtues and qualities Duties towards others The lifestyle of Rasullah
20 Zakaat on agricultural products Review of Sayyidina Uthmaans services to Islam victories Serving the creation The demise of Rasullah
21 Who may recieve zakaat money Administration of sayyidina Uthmaan Sunnats of Mashwarah
22 Hajj SAYYIDINA ALI: Sunnats of dua
23 Terminology Important events during the Khilfat of Sayyidina Ali The aadaab of Qardah
24 Definitions Refusal of the rebels to leave Madeenah Writing off the loan
25 Ihraam Appointment of governors
26 The faraa`id of Hajj Opposition by Makkans
27 The waajibaat of Hajj March towards basra
28 The sunan of Hajj Sayyidina Ali`s envoy
29 The mustahabbaat of Hajj The peace agreement
30 The types of Hajj The battle of Jamal
31 Hujjat Tamattu The Kharijites
32 Visiting Madinah Events which led to the battle of siffen
33 The battle of siffen
34 The arbitrators
35 The decision
36 Battle against the kharijites
37 Egypt and basra
38 Martyrdom of Sayyidina Ali
39 An overall glance at the life of Sayyidina Ali
40 Character, piety and excellence
41 Wives and children
42 Administration of sayyidina Ali

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