Life as a Muslim

1.       Islam organises human life in all aspects: economic, political, cultural and social. It lays stress on the right way to solve the relevant problems, and the scriptures provide practical solutions for these problems.

2.       Islam tries to organise our life by emphasising the importance of time, a Muslim must understand the importance of time and how to manage time in order to increase productivity throughout the day.

3.       Life as a Muslim is based around belief and being obedient to the laws set down, as the Prophet demonstrated in Makkah the importance of Tauheed (oneness of Allah), and applied the Shariah Law in Madina, the combination of both elements are equally important and provide an aim and focus in a well organised way.

4.       Life as a Muslim should revolve around learning and thinking, as Islam encourages development in all lawful fields. Muslims are encouraged to continue to learn from cradle to the grave, even if you work or have a family etc… There is always time to learn something new if the right attitude is adopted, the attitude of learning something new, progress, development etc…

5.       Muslims are taught to earn Halal (lawful) money without cheating, fraud or corruption. Islam encourages giving in charity, to contribute towards social justice and eradication of poverty, the obligatory zakah cleanses the wealth of dirt and voluntary charity increases rewards and returns.

6.       Life of a Muslim should be devoted towards his religion through enjoying his life and fulfilling his requirements within the limits of Islam, aiming for a better life in the hereafter.

7.       The life as a Muslim is a simple way of life, moderate in all ways. Islam encourages individuals to develop personally, spiritually, morally, socially, professionally and most important obediently.

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