Mother- Hadeeth Level 1 – Lesson 4

Alhumdulilah! Allah has given us so many blessings. From that Allah has given us parents. In this article I will explain briefly about our parents and how Islam tells us how to treat them.

It is mentioned in the Quran that we cannot even say “oof!” out of hardship to our parents. This is in Surah Bani Israel. Even if our parents hit us or shout at us we should still show respect and do whatever they ask for. Also we regularly should do dua for them even if they have passed away.

Our mothers in particular! We should show love and respect them. It is narrated in a Hadith that after loving Allah and his Rusool (SAW) we should love our mother. Then again our mother. Again followed by our mother. Then our father.

A mother’s dua for her child is always accepted with swiftness. We should always want the best for her. The same way she does to us. But we never match up her effort to ours. What our mothers have done for us, especially in childhood, is of the scale!

There was once a man who met a woman. After a while they became in love. Eventually they became in love to such an extent that they wanted to be married. So the lady told the man to ask his mother for permission to get married. The man’s mother refused so the man returned to the woman and told her what had happened. After a while the woman told the man that if you love me kill your mother and prove it to me by bringing her heart to me. Soon after the man killed his mother and on his way back to the woman with his mother’s heart he tripped. The mother’s heart spoke asking, out of love, if he was alright. From this story we can learn how much our mother in particular loves us. We should try our utmost best to make them feel special and make them smile.

Basic Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Make a clean intention.
  2. Often check up on your parents by either calling him/her or visiting him/her.
  3. Offer her help if needed.
  4. Make him/her smile!
  5. Do dua for your parents. Especially your mother.

Make Allah give us the ability to respect our parents. Ameen

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