what is Islamic culture

Muslim culture is simple and easy to follow

what is Islamic cultureIn societies where Muslims are in minority there is misconception about Muslim culture. Because of being in a small quantity followers of Islam live there very carefully. They retain their identity to look as the Islamic community. Somewhere have to show how much they are proud of their religion. This is also a unique feature of Islam that its followers adjust themselves with the legitimate requirements of their surroundings. Wherever they go they check if it is halal food, at public places they control their sight, at workplace they follow the basic teachings of their religion; so on and so forth. What impression the followers of other religions take from their behavior. Non-Muslims must be wrongly thinking that Islam is a sort of rigid religion where there is a tip at each and every step. If you see this feature of Islam from other side it may look adverse but being followers of Islam everyone is proud of that. Islam is a complete religion and guides at every step in life.

Muslims are proud of their culture

Muslims remain so happy that they don’t have to apply their own judgment in the matters of religion and they get every detail from Islam for every action or work they want to do. This collectively develops the Muslim culture which makes other feel its presence. Islam does not leave its followers free to act anywhere and provide full guidance with lot of liberty to enjoy their life. This is the point people standing outside the ambit of Islam mostly misunderstand. They think it as very rigid set of commands that all the time keeps on ordering dos and don’ts. It is doing this but just for the purpose of facilitating its followers. Simultaneously it offers full liberty to its followers to spend a happy life.

Food in Islamic culture

Islam puts a broad barrier for what food we must not eat but it never put unnecessary bans to enjoy this blessing of Allah. Muslim can eat halal food in any way they want. They can cook it according to any recipe and can enjoy it in the way of any geographical style. Similarly for clothing there are restrictions in Islam for both women and men to hide how much part of their body and there are certain emphasis on color and styles of clothing. Otherwise Muslims are fully allowed to enjoy any kind of dressing and look smart and happy. Similarly there are broad guidelines for interacting with the community but there are not detailed instructions for what to talk to them and what to avoid with them. This is the beauty of Muslim culture that instead of anything imposing on you it simply facilitates you to spend your life happily.

Islam is a cool religion

When followers of Islam in a society follow the Muslim culture they look prominent from others. As we know Islam is the religion of peace so they actually look as ambassadors of peace. To understand Muslim culture there is need to put aside the longstanding misunderstanding about Islam and interact freely with its followers. Then all people would come to know how cool the religion of Islam is.

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