Muslim Eating

The area where food would be eaten should be prepared cleanly, tidily and moderately.

Muslim eating consists of only lawful food and drink.

·         Food should be prepared from only lawful ingredients. Pork, alcohol, anything containing gelatine taken from pig and alcohol, is forbidden in Islam.

·         Cooking little extra broth is recommended since it will help feed more people. Also, filling it with vegetables is a way to enlarge the meal economically so that it may satisfy the hunger of people.

·         Using silver or gold tableware is forbidden.

·         Milk and honey are the best foods, as is the meat of an animal from its back.

·         Muslim eating should take place on the floor, as this is sunnah and a sign of humility.

·         The dua should be recited, bismillahi wa ala barakatil Allah, in the event of forgetting the dua you should read, Bismillahi awal laho wa akhira ho,the dua should be recited aloud so others may remember.

·         When eating, you should be properly seated, not leaning on a cushion or on the hands.

·         Sitting to eat should be arranged that excessive amounts of food and time are avoided.

·         If people misbehave during eating, such as eating with the left hand, using foul language or eating from other people’s side should be reprimanded.

·         It is better to eat together as supposed to alone.

·         Hands should be washed before and after eating.

·         Should not eat hot food; ideally wait till it cools down.

·         If you are served with food and prayer time comes, then you should eat first and not hasten your food, however, if there is a danger of missing prayers then you must pray first.

·         Muslim eating should be done with the right hand.

·         Food should be eaten slowly and not greedily.

·         If you like the food you could express approval and admiration, otherwise he should never be disrespectful and criticise.

·         Eating hot and cold food is not recommended at the same time.

·         It is disrespectful to talk with your mouth full.

·         It is permissible to greet someone when they are eating but is impolite to shake hands with them.

·         You should not eat to the full; one third of the stomach is recommended.

·         Going to sleep straight after food is unhealthy.

·         Unconsumed must not be wasted and left on the plate. It should be stored appropriately.

·         When you finish eating you should praise Allah by saying “Al hamdu lillahi at ammana wa sakana wa jalana minal muslimeen”.

·         Hands and mouth should be washed after eating; a toothpick should also be used if needed.

·         It is polite that children do not start eating before their parents, and members of the family do not start before the guests.

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