My Classroom – Akhlaaq Level 1 – Lesson 1

My Classroom – Akhlaaq Level 1 – Lesson 1

The first lesson of Akhlaaq (Character) in our Islamic Weekend Schools.

To be able to learn and develop qualities, one must learn to respect the learning environment, the teacher, the books, the pens and all which is used to seek knowledge. Parents and teachers must stress the importance of respect for the classroom environment and all the contents within it.

The difference between students of Islamic knowledge and secular knowledge is this fundamental values of respect. I was observing and shadowing a Head Teacher in a Main Stream school, the beauty of the outside facilities could not distract me from the fact that the students were not even opening the door for the Head Teacher. The lack of respect and fundamental values of the relationship and bond between the student and learning resources.

The classroom and the teacher is the first contact of the learning and development stages for children. The learner must love and connect with the classroom and teacher, they must respect the fact that without these necessary resources they will be deprived of knowledge and the opportunity to develop.

The whole procedure of coming in to the classroom, sitting in the classroom and leaving the classroom.

The step by step procedures:

  1. Make clean intention, to learn for the sake of Allah
  2. Enter with your right foot
  3. Say Bismillah
  4. Say Salaam to the teacher
  5. Say Salaam to your classmates
  6. Sit in your place
  7. Take your books out
  8. Wait and listen for the next instructions from you teacher
Along with these, other points should be also noted:
  • To take care that the classroom does not get damaged
  • To respect the tables by not drawing on them, scratching them, sticking chewing gum under them.
  • Try to come early to help the teacher to set the class and being available for help
  • Not to leave paper on the floor
  • Not to leave pens on the floor
  • Getting water for your teacher beforehand
  • To show respect to your classmates by not putting them down if they don’t know something
  • To offer help and support to your classmates (Giving answers is not helping a classmate, its called CHEATING)
As a conclusion,
You can learn and forget information, however real knowledge and the depths of understanding are only developed through respect and love for the learning environment.
This applies to all types of students from cradle to grave. (Nursery, School, College, University, Training, Professional Development Courses, etc…) I was in a professional development course a few months back, as a standard practice I bought the teacher (or trainer) a bottle of water with a plastic cup and poured it for him (I opened the bottle in front of him so he sees I opened a sealed bottle, otherwise one could assume otherwise and this is what Shaytaan plays on), as this is what we have been taught to do,  he was shocked and amazed. This opened doors of dawah and I obviously explained to him why etc… He didn’t turn Muslim then , however it left a impression on him (I pray Allah gives him and all mankind guidance).
Always remember good character opens pathways for you to influence others, as a result you feel more comfortable talking and expressing the reasons for why you did certain things.
(Also, as a bigger picture this world is a big classroom and all around us we observe and learn new things, therefore respect must be shown to all.)
May Allah give us all the ability to respect our environment. Ameen


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