My Home – Akhlaaq Level 1 – Lesson 2

My Home – Akhlaaq Level 1 – Lesson 2


A encouraging reminder to the young students:

“Oh Allah! I thank you for giving me parents. Oh Allah! I thank you for giving me a home. There are so many children who do not have parents, so many who do not have a home. I wonder where they sleep in the night. I wonder how they sleep without a bed and a blanket. I woder if they cry for ther mummies. I wonder who feeds them and buys them toys. I will always be respectful and thankful for the gifts of Allah. I am a good Muslim.”

The ettiqutes of the home:

  • Knock on the door and say salaam.
  • Put your books and bags in their places
  • Do not leave your clothes and shoes lying around
  • Do not scream, cry or nag if you want something.
  • Always speak with respect
  • Do not complain about the food
  • Do not fight with your brothers and sisters
  • Do not leave the house without asking your parents
  • Always keep your room tidy

Story from the actual text book:


There was once a little girl named Humaira who always tried to please her mother. She helped her mother clean the house and always spoke with respect. She saw how hungry children stood on the street corner begging for food. She always thanked Allah and never complained about the food. She learnt about kindness at school and shared her toys with her brothers and sisters. When she returned from school she would always make salaam. She never left her school bag or school clothes laying around. One night as she lay in her bed, she head the sound of silent crying. She left her bed and quietly walked to her mothers room. Her mother was on the musallah, making dua with her hands lifted up. She cried silently as she said: “O Allah, I thank you for the wonderful daughter you gave me. She is so obedient and caring. She helps me in the house and never troubles me in any way. Protect her and have mercy on her.” Humairah quietly went back to her bed and kept thinking about her mothers dua. Only then did she realize how important it was for children to obey and help their parents”.

If you help your parents, your parents will love you more and make lots of dua so that you get lots of good things.

This is a reminder to all, young and old. Your home, your parents and everyone has rights and you must fulfill those rights and responsibilities, if you don’t you will be questioned and held accountable.

Create a nice homely environment, not with furniture and fittings, but with love, respect, create a learning and engaging environment. Be attached to your family, not to your t.v.

If you do not give time to your children, they will not give time to you.


May Allah give us the ability to create an Islamic Environment at home. Ameen



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