My Speech Akhlaaq Level 1-Lesson 4

Talking is very important in our daily life. However there are many ways of talking. It is necessary to speak clearly. Also you should not talk continuously as it may be very disturbing. You should not speak loudly than the person who is talking to you because it might make the other person angry. If you call someone that is older than you, he should be called by a title of respect. Never call your parents and anyone elder than you by their name.

Disturbing someone whilst they are talking is also a bad habit especially if the person is in an important conversation. If you do not know that he/she is in an important conversation then it is better for you to wait. If a person is having a conversation then you should not eavesdrop or spy on them. Do not talk about un-necessary things. It is disliked in Islam.

No one should backbite. If you backbite, immediately, you must seek for forgiveness from that person. Avoid saying things that would often hurt others for example, calling them silly names and embarrassing them in front of others. Do not be rude to anyone by speaking impolitely as this would reflect on your akhlaaq (character). This is also known as bad manners. It’s extremely appalling to use foul language. Think before you speak!

Basic step by step guide

  1. Make a clean intention
  2. Speak in front of a person in a clear tone.
  3. Do not interrupt someone who is talking.
  4. Do not talk about un-necessary things.
  5. Do not be rude.
  6. Avoid people with bad language as you may catch it from them.
  7. Do not say something, which will hurt others.
  8. Do not backbite.
  9. Call your elders with a title of respect.
  10. Always think before you speak.
  11. Never call your parents by their name.


May Allah give us the ability to use our speech correctly. Ameen.

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