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Need not to defend Islam; we must always be proud of it

defend islamThe reason why Muslims feel the need to defend the religion of Islam is because of the propaganda hacks against Islam that are being organized by a large number of non-Muslims around the world. Propaganda hacks are hacks such as the disrespecting of the Holy Quran, animations of the Prophets, and discrimination against Muslims on social media, among many others. When non-Muslims try to attack Islam and organize propaganda hacks against the religion of Islam, Muslims feel the need to defend their religion and that is the reason why Muslims defend Islam.

Why should Muslims not defend Islam?

Well, when non-Muslims disrespect the religion of Islam and attack it, Muslims feel the need to counter their actions. Many Muslims counter the non-Muslims’ attacks on Islam by attacking their religion. Well, violence and never-ending arguments are neither the right way to solve a dispute and nor are they the way that Allah and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) have advised us to adopt. In addition, whatever non-Muslims say against the religion of Islam or whatever propaganda hacks they organize against the religion of Islam will be pointless if Muslims simply avoid them.

Muslims should not defend their religion because Allah takes full responsibility for the protection of Islam and also because if Muslims try to defend Islam, they will only cause more hatred, leading to more disputes and maybe even more wars. The world is home to enough hatred as it is and there is no need for more.

Why should Muslims always be proud of their religion?

Muslims should be proud of their religion because Islam is a religion that teaches peace and prosperity. Muslims know that Allah is always watching them from heaven and that is the reason why they try their best to make sure that they do not do anything that upsets Allah or is not in accordance to what Allah wants Muslims to do.

Muslims should also be proud of their religion because Islam is the religion that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) introduced to the world and is without a doubt the most peaceful and the most holy religion in existence.

How can Muslims express their pride for Islam?

It is not necessary for Muslims to defend Islam in order to express how proud they are of it. Muslims can express their pride for their religion through a number of ways. First of all, Muslims can express how proud they are of their religion by admitting to being Muslims and following the religion of Islam in public. Muslims should admit to being Muslims in public and should not hide the fact that they are Muslims whether they are in a Muslim territory or a non-Muslim territory.

In addition, Muslims can also express the pride they have for their religion by not drifting away from Islam and continuing to worship Islam no matter what happens and no matter where they are. In order to express their pride for Islam, a person should make sure that they cleanse their heart of all evil, pray regularly and worship Allah as much as they possibly can.

Why do you think Muslims should not defend the religion of Islam and instead, always be proud of it?

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