Nooh (AS)-Tareekh Level 1-Lesson 3

The Prophet Nooh (AS) said to his people, “O my people worship God (Allah) for he is the only one who deserves to be worshiped ” He said, “If you do not repent and leave out blasphemy, then wait for a day in which a severe torture will come upon you,” He constantly reminded them of the great reward of being a Muslim. Unfortunately most people did not respond to his call and consequently did not come back to Islam. Only about 80 believed in Prophet Nooh (AS). The people were extremely harsh to Prophet Nooh (AS), and inflicted a lot of harm on him. They were so nasty that they once tried to strangle him, until he fainted. Each century exercised more enmity to Prophet Nooh (AS) and his followers then his previous one.

Prophet Nooh (AS) told his people, “My role is to convey, But God (Allah) is the only one who creates the guidance in the hearts of the people.” Prophet Nooh (AS) did not get despaired even though only a few people responded to his call. But when God (Allah) revealed to prophet Nooh (AS) that no one else of his people would believe he supplicated to God (Allah) to destroy all those who did not believe, a supplication which was fulfilled by Allah. God (Allah) ordered Prophet Nooh (AS) to build an ark. Prophet Nooh (AS) gathered the wood, tar and iron for the ark. The people mocked Prophet Nooh (AS) for building the ark on a dry land and away from water. God (Allah) ordered Prophet Nooh (AS) that when he sees a sign to start loading the ark. The sign was seeing water flowing out of an oven made of stones that belong to Lady Eve.

Allah sent the rain from the sky and as a result the beasts gathered near the ark. Prophet Nooh (AS) took a pair of male and female of each kind of animal. The believers also went on the ark. Water sprang out of the earth in large quantities causing the ark to rise. The rain fell in great masses like mountains as described in the Quran (Surah Nooh). After six months the rain stopped and the earth started swallowing the water after which the ark rested on Mount al-Judiy in Iraq.

God (Allah) protected Prophet Nooh (AS) and his believing followers, and inflicted the punishment on the blasphemers. All the blasphemers drowned including the son of Nooh (AS), Kan-an.

It was narrated that when Prophet Nooh (AS) was about to die, he was asked the following questions by the angels, “How did you feel your stay on earth for so many years?” Prophet Nooh (AS) replied, “I saw this life on earth like a house with two doors. I entered through one door and I left though the other.” He meant that his life of around 950 years went very quickly.

What we can learn from this story is that we should be consistent and determined to succeed.

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