Q: Explain the laws of Qira-ah for the Imam, Muqtadi [Follower] and Mufrid [Solitary Musalli].

A: The Masaail are as follows:

1. Qira-ah in general is Fard in every Salaah.

2. Qira-ah of al-Fatihah is Wajib.

3. To read a Surah or three Aayat thereafter is also Wajib. Qira-ah in itself by fulfilling one of these two is Wajib.

4. The third and fourth Rak at of Fard Salah is exempted from the above rule. Here al-Fatihah is Sunnah, not Fard or Wajib.

5. It is Wajib to specify Qira-ah in the first two Rak’at of Fard [ie; it cannot be substituted into other Rakaat].

6. It is Wajib to read al-Fatihah before the rest of the Qira-ah.

7. One has a choice if one wishes to read Fatihah after the first two Rak’at of the Fard. To do so is better. If he wants he can recite Tasbih. If one addled any Qira-ah to Fatihah after the first two Rak’at Sadatus Sahw is not required.

8. The follower will not read behind the Imam, whether in audible or in-audible Salah. 29

NOTE – 29: Muslim narrates that Abu Musa al-Ashar RA narrated that Rasulullah SAW said, “and when he reads, then you keep silent.” [Chapter on Tashshahud in Salaah]

9. It is Wajib upon the Imam to read aloud in the two Rak’at of Fajr, Jumu’ah, the two Eids and the first two Rak’at of Maghrib and ‘Isha.

10. Both the Imam and Munfarid reads in-audibly in all Rak’at of Zhuhr and ‘As r, the third Rakaah of Maghrib and the last two Rak’at of ‘Isha.

11. A Munfarid may choose to read loud or soft those Qira-ah which the Imam must read aloud ~Maghrib, Esha and Fajr.

12. It is Sunnah for the Imam and Munfarid to read Tiwal al-Mufassal From Suratul Hujarat to al-Buruj  [long Salaah in Fajr and Zhuhr Awsat From Suratut Tariq until al-Bayyinah [medium length] in ‘Asr and ‘Isha and Qisar From Suratuz Zilzal till the end of the Quran in Maghrib. This is for residents. Travellers should read what they may.

~ al-quduri ~

Q: Should the Imam or Munfarid read Bismillaah or Ta’awwuz aloud when the Qira-ah is loud?

A: No, they must be read softly.

~ al-Quduri ~

Q: Should the Imam or Munfarid read Amin aloud after al-Fatihah?

A: No.

~ al-Quduri ~

Q: Does a woman read aloud when praying a loud Salah on her own?

A: No.

~ al-Quduri ~

Q: Can Qira-ah be specified in certain Salah?

A: Qira-ah should not be specified when it be construed that no other Qira-ah is allowed in that Salaah. It is in fact Makruh to specify a certain Surah for all Salaahs or some Salaahs and never read anything else.

~ al-Qududri ~

 Q: If there is no Wajib specification, is there anything from the Sunnah about reading certain Surahs in some Salah, which if the Musalli chooses to read then he will be rewarded?

A: Yes, there do appear such Surahs which will be rewarded. Some are:

1. It is Sunnah to read Alif Lam Mim Tanzil in the first Rak’ah of Fajr of the Day of Jumu’ah, “Hal ata ‘aala~ Insan” in the second Rak’ah. al~Bukhari and Muslim from Abu Hurayrah RA.

2. It is Sunnah to read Suratul Jumu’ah in the first Rakah of Salatul Jumu’ah and “Iza ja akal Munafiqun” in the second. [Muslim from Abu Hurayra RA]

3. It is Sunnah to read “Sabbihisma Rabbikal Ajar in the first Rak’ah of Salaatul Jumu’ah and “Hal ataka Hadithul Ghashiyah” in the second Muslim from Nu’man bin Bashir.

4. It is Sunnah to read “Sabbihisma Rabbikal A’la” in the first RaKah of both ‘Ids and “Hal ataka Ha~ithul Ghashiyah” in the second. [Muslim from Nu’man bin Bashir]

~ al-Quduri ~

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