how to keep your belief safe

How safe is your belief from these 5 confusions?

how to keep your belief safeA Muslim needs to keep their belief intact in order to make sure that they do not distance themselves from Allah and the religion of Islam. This is precisely the reason why a Muslim needs to make sure that their belief is safe from the confusions that can plague a Muslims mind. The following are the 5 confusions that you need to keep your belief safe from:

The existence of Allah

The minds of many Muslims are plagued with doubts over the existence of Allah and many Muslims wonder whether Allah really exists or not. Even though the Holy Quran and various other miracles are proof of Allah’s existence, many Muslims still have doubts over this matter.

The authenticity of Islam

As blasphemous as it may sound, Muslims are also confused regarding the authenticity of Islam. The authenticity of Islam is something that Muslims cannot at all question, yet many of us seem to have doubts over it.

The existence of Prophets

We have been told that the human race was blessed with the presence of about 124,000 Prophets by the command of Allah in order to lead us to the righteous path. However, many Muslims seem to be confused as to whether Prophets really existed or not.

The Day of Judgment

The Holy Quran proves that the Day of Judgment will occur and that the human race will be held responsible for everything that they do while they are on Earth. In addition, most other religions also possess a similar belief. However, many Muslims are confused as to whether the Day of Judgment will really occur or not.

The evils of Satan

Muslims believe that Satan exists since the Holy Quran states so and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) informed the first Muslim community of his existence. In addition, other religions also believe in the existence of Satan (or different variations of him). However, the existence of Satan is doubted by many people, including Muslims.

What is the origin of these confusions?

Well, not much is known about the origins of these 5 confusions that your belief needs to be safe from. However, most scholars believe these 5 confusions to have most probably been originated from the non-Muslims. In addition, scholars also believe that these confusions might have been spread by non-Muslims as parts of conspiracies against Muslims or as part of plans to either strip Muslims of their belief or distort the beliefs that Muslims possess.

How can a Muslim keep their belief safe from these confusions?

Muslims need not know every single detail regarding this world, which is the reason why you must save your belief from such confusions. However, not many people know how they can save their belief from these confusions. All a person needs to do in order to save their belief from these confusions is to make sure that they do not distance themselves from Allah and the religion of Islam. In addition, a person can avoid such confusions if they simply avoid them and devote their time and attention to worshipping Allah as much as they possibly can.

How safe do you think your own belief is from these 5 confusions?

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