Salaam – Hadeeth Level 1 – Lesson 1

Salaam – Hadeeth Level 1 – Lesson 1


As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,


Nabi (S) states: The closest person to Allah on the Day of Judgement will be, the one who initiated salaam first.

What are the benefits of saying salaam, especially first?

  • You will be near to Allah
  • You are sending peace on your fellow Muslim
  • You will be returned peace
  • You create a society (How, I will explain)
  • Any ambiguity in the hearts are cleared
  • You acknowledge the presence of your fellow muslim
  • Build your contacts


When you say salaam to someone, you are praying that Allah gives them peace, and they in return are making the same dua.

How, does it create a society and community?

If we act upon the sunnah which is, say salaam to those you know and dont know, automatically you begin to create contacts, friends, the needs of the community becomes apparent and solutions are easy to find.


If you move to a new area and you do not know anybody, I will tell you a quick way of making loads of friends.

1. Goto the masjid

2. Say salaam to everyone


Saying salaam is a universal greeting, and is used to break the ice.


In terms of contacts:

If you are a business owner and you are promoting your business, i will give you a quick solution to increase your sales:

1. Go to the masjid

2. Say Salaam to everyone

The effects, you say salaam, “Wa alaikum mus Salam” in return, “how are you”, “alhamdulillah”, “family?”, “yes good alhamdulillah”.What is it that you do?

“I have a leaflet distribution business”, “Oh mashallah, I have a restaurant what are your prices?” etc… (Disclaimer: It doesn’t always work as this dialogue  but you understand what I mean).


If you have any family problems, or any work related problems, I have a quick solution:

1. Goto the masjid

2. Say Salaam to everyone

When people talk, naturally they advice each other from past experiences.


If there is any tension between people, swallow your pride and say salaam first, the Prophet (s) informed us that the person to say salaam first is free from pride.


Also, many times when I am approaching a queue, people are looking at each other in some weird ways, they’ll have eye contact about 10 times but won’t say anything (how weird is that), I come along “As Salamu Alaikum nice and clear”, I can see the relief on their faces as the tension gets broken and conversations start.  If its non-Muslim I still say Salam, and then say hello.

Try it, may be I haven’t explained this scenario enough, but think of those weird moments, and awkward situations you are in, just say salaam, nice, clear and confidently and then see the blessings unroll.



Conclusion, To create a “Big Society”, Go to the masjid and say Salaam to people you know and don’t know.

May Allah shower his peace and blessings on us all. Ameen


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