Below is a list of samples that you can also expect your child to receive and benefit from:



This is a sample report we use to keep the parents updated with the progress of their child’s achievements.

Sample ReportĀ 



At the end of each term your child will receive a certificate similar to this.

Sample Certificate

Exam Paper


Every four months there will be an exam, the exam paper will be varied according to the childs needs, similar to this. If your child is unable to write, we will dedicate someone to write for them, i.e. they will say the answer and the other will write what they say.

Sample Level 5 exam paper advanced

Project Work


This is a sample project work that your child is expected to complete at the end of every term. Please bear in mind we can not teach them ICT skills as we do not have sufficient time. The children producing the project range from 5-10.

Sample Project

Sample Project Work 2

(There may be mistakes as these are not the marked and corrected versions from the teachers)

We sometimes assign different projects such as audio creation, and video creation.