The love for Allah- Aqaid-Level 1 Lesson 1

The love for Allah- Aqaid-Level 1 Lesson 1


One the most important relations we must build in out life is the relation and bond between us and Allah. This is the key to success in this world and the next.

If we were to be asked “do you love Allah”, the obvious answer would be “Yes, of course I do”. However, do our actions reflect what we say?

We must ask ourselves that what do we do for Allah that would create love in our hearts and focus in our minds.

This lesson is taught to children from ages 4-6 in our Islamic Weekend Schools in the most basic and easiest form, something which as adults we should go back to and try from the basics to create love in our hearts.

Why should we have love for Allah?

Allah is our creator and creator of all things, if we show love to him he will show twice the amount in return. As a result, our needs in this world and the next will become easily fulfilled if we have the highest of all authorities on our side. We love Allah to please him.


The more important question, HOW should we love Allah?

Going back to the basics to our roots doing the things that we want our children to do yet forget ourselves, praying the obligatory five times a day salah.

By implementing the fundamental requirement we commit ourselves to actions   which are devoted to Allah, in return over a period of time begins to form love in the relationship between creation and creator.

Step by Step Action Plan

1. Make a clean intention, that you want to love Allah for his sake.

2. Repent for the neglect of your past

3. Make wudu

4. Pray Salah and establish Salah

5. Be consistent

6. Learn more about Allah, by contemplating around the things he has made


This will lead to far greater benefits, and Allahs blessing will begin to unfold on you from means that you could not even imagine.


Your intention for everything you do must focus on Allah. For example, you goto work:

Scenario 1: You goto work to earn money and pay your bills, no focus of Allah

Outcome: You struggle to pay your bills, feel frustrated inside and relations at work  become tense as you are not developing your character. (As your character develops with the love of Allah)

Scenario 2: You go to work earn money with the INTENTION of fulfilling your obligations that Allah has ordained, to create the love of Allah.

Outcome: You may still struggle to pay your bills, however you feel contempt inside that Allah will take care of you, you are patient with the working environment and your character develops, you are respected, you work hard and honest because you fear that if you decieve your employer Allah will not be happy, your employer promotes you because of your working ethic etc…

Believe, act and He will give!


May Allah give us all the ability to make the actions that would work towards loving Allah more. Ameen

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